BCCM appreciates the importance to member companies of controlling costs, developing accurate budgets, and tracking costs and budget items carefully on a real time basis. By offering a variety of options for assessing management costs, including monthly flat fees (exclusive of disbursements), hourly incurred time, and other approaches, BCCM provides member companies a high degree of business certainty. Legal and/or advocacy outside of the scope of the membership fee must first be approved by the consortium.

BCCM accounting services offer flexible financial options for consortia, including:

  • Prepare tax filings with all relevant jurisdictions;
  • Prepare financial statements on a monthly, quarterly, or other regular basis;
  • Assist with budgeting;
  • Invoice member companies for annual fees, disbursements, and other expenses;
  • Invoice and collect special assessments for any additional costs approved by the consortium;
  • Maintain consortium funds in a separate bank account; and
  • Collect member payments and process accounts payable.

All financial information is reviewed by a certified public accountant.

As always, should the consortium have any other financial needs not addressed above, BCCM would be pleased to offer its assistance.