Why BCCM Is an Unbeatable Choice

BCCM is unique in the services and talents it can offer its clients due to its affiliation with Bergeson & Campbell, P.C., a Washington, D.C., law firm focusing on chemical control law, regulations, and business matters, and The Acta Group (Acta®), a global regulatory and scientific consulting firm.

BCCM’s unique and decades-long experience is without equal. Our gifted staff has years of experience in setting up and managing consortia of all sizes.

In addition, BCCM can provide its client groups with immediate access to highly trained, sophisticated attorneys, non-lawyer professionals, and scientists with significant expertise in competition law compliance, regulatory law, data management, data compensation, supply-chain management, and regulatory, legal/policy, and guidance on contract development and related legal matters. The expansive talent pools at BCCM, B&C, and Acta allow for all-inclusive, comprehensive services in management, regulatory, and scientific efforts for a wide range of global chemical management systems and the business and legal issues these systems invite.

The B&C team offers unrivaled access to the premier TSCA practice group in the country. The B&C team includes eight former senior EPA officials, an extensive non-lawyer scientific staff, including seven Ph.D.s, and a robust and highly experienced team of lawyers and non-lawyer professionals well versed in all aspects of TSCA law, regulation, policy, and litigation. B&C legal professionals are unparalleled in their understanding of the law and policy of TSCA.